20th December, 2021 | Influencer_Marketing

How service-based businesses can use Influencers.

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Danielle Lewis

Co-founder & CEO

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We often get asked how service-based businesses can utilise influencers. And like always, we always fall back to thinking about your customer.

What influencers do they follow? What channel do they use to get their information? What kind of content do they engage with?

At its core Influencer Marketing is always about finding the right influencers that connect with your target audience.

Done that? (Yah, you probably used Scrunch, we know 😉)

So what’s the best way to have Influencers create content?

What we’ve found is that providing Influencers with your service to help them understand it and document their experience is the best way to immerse them in your service offering and give them the best possible opportunity to create useful content for you.

Let’s talk through some examples!

Cleaning services

Cleaning services who operate in specific locations should carefully select Influencers who are both located in that area and have followers who are also located in that area, as these are the potential customers they want to reach.

Offering to provide the Influencer with a cleaning experience is a great way for the Influencer to create content and speak confidently about the business.

An example is @roxyjackeno’s partnership with @urbancompany_au.

Roxy is an ambassador for the at home services company and regularly posts about the business when they come to her home.

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Bookkeepers or accounting services

Bookkeepers and accountants provide accounting services to business owners. Bookkeepers can leverage business owners who have built a personal brand and grown a following on social media.

Offering the Influencer free access to their product or service OR simply enlisting the Influencer to create content that promotes their message is a great way to work with Influencesr.

An example is @sammacinsta’s partnership with @xero.

Sam was enlisted to create content that specifically aligned with a competition Xero ran at the end of financial year called The Emotional Tax Return. In an effort to bring some light hearted ness to a tough year for business owners they collaborated with a comedian to share information about the competition.

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As long as you understand where your customer hangs out online, you'll find an Influencer!

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