1st May, 2020 | Influencer_Marketing

How To Make Your Content Stand Out

Teagan West

Campaign Manager

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Creating content is like entering the scary world of dating – you want to stand out for all of the right reasons, not the wrong ones. It's hard to stand out from the crowd, especially when the 'crowd' is the entirety of the World Wide Web. To help you navigate the world of content marketing, here are our top tips on creating content that doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

The Headline Is Important

It may sound cliché, but the headline of the article determines how many people will click through and read it. You need to balance intriguing and informative in the headline so that it is picked up by search engines and grabs the attention of people searching the web for content.

Encourage Engagement

Encouraging consumers to engage with your content is a top priority, because when they are engaged, they are building a relationship with the brand. Make it easy for consumers to engage with the piece, whether that is providing a comment field at the bottom, including your email address in the piece or making it easy to share the content across social platforms.

Make It Interactive

In addition to making content engaging, it’s also good to have an interactive element in each piece of content to hold the readers attention and interest. This could be a timeline, poll, survey, quiz or the inclusion of helpful links – anything that adds value to the content and encourages some form of interaction. When content combines interaction and engagement, it, and the brand, is much more likely to make an impression on the consumer.

Use Images and Infographics

Unique images and infographics make content easier to consumer and more appealing at first glance. When it comes to images, invest in high-quality stock images or a professional photographer if you want to create your own images. Dollar Photo Club, Stocksy and Unsplash are just a few of the stock image sites that offer a wide range of high-resolution images, some free, some for a small fee. If your content involves a lot of information and data, consider creating an infographic to demonstrate it in a different format. Statistics are easier to digest when they are presented in an infographic, and you can also communicate the most important information quickly and easily. As the saying goes, an image speaks 1000 words.

Use Keywords

When we say use keywords, we mean use them naturally and resist the urge to stuff content with them. Use your keywords throughout the content when it is natural to do so to ensure search engines pick it up the piece. When keywords are used, the piece of content ranks higher for the topic in search engines, helping it stand out from the crowd and be seen. A good guideline is once in the headline, meta description and body text.

When you’ve taken the time to write informative, interesting and helpful content, you want it to shine bright on the World Wide Web and stand out from the crowd, so make it extra sparkly with these insider tips.

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