Interview: Bond Appetit Podcast with Danielle Lewis and Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appetit interviews Scrunch CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis in a podcast for Bond Appetit

Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appetit recently interviewed Scrunch CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis on how to raise money and start a tech company.

The podcast is now live and includes Danielle’s tips and insights on a number of topics including:

  • How she manages different priorities and determines the difference between urgent and important tasks
  • Her experience launching and building two start-ups - Brisbane Threads and Scrunch - and the challenges that have popped up along the way
  • How to raise capital business
  • Why pivoting isn’t a bad thing
  • How the Scrunch team work together to smash goals
  • And more!

You can check out the full podcast below or jump over to Bond Appetit

Big thanks to Ronsley Vaz, Bond Appetit and AMPLIFY

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