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Long-Term Partnerships vs. One-Off Engagements

What is best when it comes to influencer relationships and collaborating? What is best when it comes to influencer r...

Junior Campaign Manager
24th June, 2021 | Influencer Marketing

Defining Your Influencer Marketing Goals and Shaping Your Strategy Around T...

For some influencer marketing can seem a bit risky. We explain how to achieve your goals For some marketers, influencer marketing seems like a gamble that...

Teagan West
Campaign Manager
10th June, 2021 | Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Best Practices

Credibility, Trust and Authenticity in Influencer Marketing Brands are building their businesses around influencer marketing and the strategy is successfu...

Teagan West
Campaing Manager
4th June, 2021 | For Influencers

5 Ways To Tell If An Influencer Has Fake Followers

Trust us, you don't want to invest in this! It is a sad reality that in every industry there will always be people w...

Danielle Lewis
12th May, 2021 | For Influencers

How To Politely Decline A Collaboration

If you've received a collaboration request or pitch that you're just not interested in, here are our top tips to de...

Junior Campaign Manager
10th May, 2021 | Social

What is a Good Engagement Rate on Twitter?

Find out how to calculate and make sense of a good engagement rate on Twitter Find out how to calculate and make sen...

Georgia Mee
Junior Campaign Manager

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