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What Is A Try-On Haul And Why Should It Be In Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

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If you are a fashion brand, you should be using this strategy

We briefly mentioned try-on hauls here when talking about different ways fashion brands can work with influencers. However, we didn’t delve too deep into what exactly a try-on haul is and what potential benefits could be gained from working with an influencer in this way. Let's start at the beginning.

What Is A Try-On Haul?

Put simply, a try-on haul is when an influencer has received a large range of clothing items or accessories from a particular brand, or a range of brands, and creates a video with the items to share with their community. Within the video, they discuss each item with their followers, whilst also trying the items on and doing a quick styling session to demonstrate how each item can be worn. Vloggers have a great relationship with their followers and audience, and this type of collaboration really hones in on that relationship and trust.

What Are The Benefits?

If you aren’t sure how this way of collaboration creates value for your brand, here are 8 benefits of a try-on collaboration:

Negotiate price

Many top-tier influencers will have a relatively high rate that they charge companies for any type of promotion on their YouTube channel. However, you may be able to negotiate a lower price or waive the fee entirely with them, simply by allowing them to choose a number of items for consideration. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with powerful influencers who have a strong and engaged following and drive brand awareness as well as product sales.

Demonstrating the items

Another major benefit of try-on hauls is the ability for the influencer to showcase the items and actually show to their followers the real design and fit of them. Followers react very positively to this as it allows them to decide whether the product is right for them, rather than only seeing the piece on a 2D model in the catalogue.


Seeing items on an actual person often helps consumers make a purchase decision and can tend to convince them to make the pruchase when they can clearly see all of the details of the garment. Vloggers will move around and demonstrate the way the clothing sits on them, usually mentioning the size they are wearing, which gives consumers an indication of what size they should get themselves. Typically, influencers creating these videos will also mention whether it fits true to size or if the item runs small or big and give their own recommendations to their loyal followers on whether there is a need to size up or down.


These try-on videos are a great chance for the influencer to style the outfits for their followers and show how they would typically wear the piece in their everyday life. By styling the outfits, potential customers are able to see the ways they could potentially wear the item too, and how it could work with the other pieces in their wardrobe. This is especially important for statement pieces that are hard to style, or new trends that are not quite mainstream.

**Influencer’s creative direction **

As with any other collaboration done with an influencer, it is important to allow them to express themselves creatively as they normally would with their content. Followers can sniff out a sponsored advertisement with extreme ease, so it is great when a try-on haul represents an influencers own personal style that they have become known for. Additionally, the video should match other videos the influencer has done to fit organically in their playlist.

**Genuine authenticity **

Similar to bloggers, vloggers are a respected and authentic source to look to when consumers are making a purchase decision. They often have an extremely loyal and passionate community of followers who trust the influencer's recommendations and wholeheartedly believe the influencer is completely genuine and authentic in everything they preach.When you connect with an influencer who has a community like this, you have hit the jackpot.


A video is an extremely engaging type of content and generally, it will leave audiences with a great impression of the brand or product. As video content is like a one-on-one conversation, audiences are captivated and engaged, which is a huge benefit to the brand.


Fashion influencers, bloggers and vloggers are considered trendsetters in the fashion space, so they can great FOMO (fear of missing out) on epic proportions. When an influencer recommends a particular clothing piece like a jacket or a dress, it can often sell-out within a short period of time due to their recommendation and the influx of referrals from their try-on haul. Consumers mimic the elite, so when they see their favourite vloggers wearing a piece, they must have it too.

If you are considering collaborating with a fashion vlogger, consider being upfront with your influencer and suggesting a try-on haul as their content. Here are 8 benefits from these types of videos that will improve the results of your influencer strategy.

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