The 5 things every Influencer needs to grow a successful business of Influence

A Netflix style subscription, changing the game onthe way Influencers do business

Hey there, Influencer!wave

If you’re here, then I bet we know a few things about you...
You’ve been showing up posting on your socials, but it seems like it’s taking too long to grow your audience and build a business
You’re juggling a family, or a job... wishing you could take the leap to full-time Influencer
You are ready to start making MONEY HONEY from your Influence
You are ready to work smarter and leverage other people’s expertise to get ahead

Let’s be real. You don’t need tospend thousands of dollars oncourses, from the next personclaiming to have Instagram success.Or even download the next freebie,that you’ll never read.

You already know you need:

To cut the crap and learn from people who’ve done it before
To level up in minutes with epic micro training, designed just for Influencers
To leverage technlogy to save time and stand out to brands

A word from
our CEO

In the last 24 months, the Influencer Marketing landscape has changed dramatically. There’s more competition than ever, but the opportunity for Influencers who are authentic, consistent and professional is stronger than ever.
At Scrunch, we were tired of seeing the next experts peddling Instagram success and hundreds or thousands of dollars of courses.
So we are democratising Influence.
I am so excited to bring you over a decade of technology and education. for $10/month. That’s cheaper than your monthly Netflix subscription and powerufl enough to create a business of Influence. And if no one tells you today, you are awesome.
Danielle Lewis



A done-for-you Media Kit
Stop spending time updating your stats every time a brand reaches out, simply connect your information and we’ll do the rest!


Know your audience
We analyse your data and display it in a super easy to understand way so you know who follows you and what they want!


A global Influencer community
Get support from Influencers who have done it before, collaborate with others and learn from the best!


An micro-education platform to stay on top of the latest trends
We’re all freakin’ busy, micro education delivers bite-size trainings so you can level up in your spare time!


Steal our templates, cheat sheets and business goodies to get ahead on the cheap
Get support from Influencers who have done it before, collaborate with others and learn from the best!
Shortcut your way toInfluencer success.
0An automated Media Kit Generator so you look like a pro in front of brands.
1Access to up to date Audience Insights to know who’s following you and what they want
2A community of Influencers who will support you on this journey
3A micro-education platform so you stay up to date with the latest trends in social and content
4Resources to make the business side of being an Influencer easy
Trusted by 27,000 marketers and counting...
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Free Activation Start Free No Hidden Charges
  • Your profile listed on Scrunch FREE forever, so more brands can discover you
  • A weekly email dedicated to leveling up your Influencer game
Billed Monthly
Free Activation Start Free No Hidden Charges
  • The Scrunch Media Kit Generator
  • Full audience insights for your Influencer profile
  • Scrunch Influencer University
    • Unlimited access to training videos created specifically for Influencers to grow and monetise your following.
    • Unlimited access to eBooks and resources.
    • Unlimited access to a library of Lightroom Presets to level up your content game.
  • Scrunch resources
    • Business templates and resources to take the pain our of running your business of Influence.
  • A global Influencer community
Billed Yearly
Free Activation Start Free No Hidden Charges
  • All of the epic inclusions on the Scrunch Influencer Pro plan PLUS 2 months free!

  • A free website and social media audit designed to give you bespoke, actionable insights into growing your business of Influence. (Value $500)

Scrunch's data driven approach gives us confidence.

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"Scrunch's data driven approach gives us confidence that we are connecting with the right influencers and the right audiences to help us authenticate and build credibility around our new footware technology."

Tom Walter
Digital Marketing Specialist Under Armour