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Having this level of access and data is extremely powerful and insightful for us and our partners

“Partnering with Scrunch has added another layer to our influencer-led campaigns. We are able to source the right influencers and engaged audiences, very specific to a brief.”

Jane Schofield

Jane Schofield
Head of Digital Brand Strategy - Style, NewsCorp

Our customer success stories

Scrunch campaign for Milton & King

Influencers designed a wallpaper collection

In collaboration with Jillian Harris, Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson and Paula Coop McCrory, Milton & King launched a 12-piece wallpaper collection — The Tastemakers Collection.

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Milton & King

MINI had influencers test-drive a new car

MINI, in partnership with Vogue, had fashion influencers test-drive a new model to highlight the stylish features of the car. The campaign generated 8,300 engagements across 14 pieces of content.

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Scrunch campaign for MINI
Scrunch campaign for MINI
Scrunch campaign for Intimo

Intimo invited influencers to an intimate event

Independent Intimo Lingerie Stylist Carys Martin connected with influencers at an offline event to create and share content about the brand. The campaign established long-term relationships and customers for the brand.

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