We started Scrunch because we believe brands, agencies and influencers should be able to make informed decisions on truly great partnerships.

Our story

Back when we founded Scrunch, a new kind of brand and blogger partnership was beginning to emerge.

We were seeing something different – a natural relationship that felt like it had come about in an organic way. This shift benefitted everyone – blogs felt more authentic, brands connected with new customers, and readers saw products they loved.

Unfortunately, those partnerships were still few and far between. Brands were struggling to find that perfect fit, and wasting huge amounts of time and money on what amounted to no more than an educated guess. We thought it should be easy for well-suited brands and influencers to find each other. We thought it should be simple for them to make informed decisions on their perfect match. And we thought that metrics should be able to tell the whole social story – the journey of every single post, from influencer to extended interactions.

It turned out the technology to do that didn't exist back then. So we went away and made it.

Introducing Scrunch. Innovation that takes the guesswork out of collaborations and guarantees maximum ROI for brands, agencies and influencers. It's a tool that spotlights real results and surfaces hidden brand champions, with an interface that shows exactly what's working for everyone. At Scrunch it's our single-minded mission to make data streamlined, simple and truly accurate – because we believe in getting it right, every time.

At a glance


million influencers in the Scrunch directory


billion pieces of content


app to rule them all

The team

Danielle Lewis

CEO & co-founder

Salvatore Garozzo

CPO & co-founder

David Novakovic

CTO & co-founder

Kirsty Hunter


Ben Novakovic

Lead engineer

Lex Toumbourou

Lead engineer

Cody Lindsay Gordon

Lead UI/UX

Nathan Oorloff

Senior software engineer

Sinan Midillili

Software engineer

Teagan West

Marketing & customer acquisition

Jacquelyn Cox

Marketing assistant

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