19th November, 2020 | Influencer_Marketing

7 Awesome Influencer Outreach Email Templates To Download

Grace Newman

Campaign Manager

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Actionable outreach tips and templates to help you reach out to influencers and get a response

This month on the blog, we’re introducing our new Top Tips Series.In the series, we'll explore the most common questions we receive about influencer marketing and give you actionable tips and helpful downloads along the way. This week, we’re starting with influencer outreach.

If you want to know WHAT you should say and HOW to get a response from influencers, this is the download for you. Inside you'll find 7 awesome influencer outreach email templates covering a range influencer marketing scenarios and industries.

7 awesome influencer outreach email templates

  1. Inviting an influencer to an event
  2. Sending a free, no-strings-attached product
  3. Asking for a media kit
  4. Sponsored Post
  5. Guest Posting/Curated Content
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Ambassador Partnerships

Throughout the templates, you'll find top tips designed to help you write awesome outreach emails that get responses.

You can download the templates here. The next time you are reaching out to influencers, simply copy and paste these email templates and customize them to help you simplify the process.

Don't let influencer outreach sit on your to do list

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If you don’t know what outreach is start here

Influencer outreach is all about reaching the right influencers and getting them excited to work with your brand and promote your product or service. Influencers get inundated with requests to work with brands, so make sure your first interaction is clear, informative and gets straight to the point. It’s also important to make it clear that you have spent time researching the influencer, why you think they're a good fit for your brand AND how your brand is relevant to their audience. Influencers want to work with brands they're genuinely excited to share with their audience, so keep this in mind in all of your communications.

Want more info? Check out our article Actionable Outreach Tips To Get More Replies From Influencers.

With so many influencers out there, how do you find the right ones for your brand?

Finding the right influencer to work with is half the battle of influencer outreach. We covered this in our article How To Find Influencers For Your Campaign (The Hard Way).

Simplify your outreach

We can do it for you! At Scrunch, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to help you find the right influencers, write a creative brief that will get influencers attention, outreach out to the influencers you want to work with and select the pitches that will drive ROI for your brand. We’re with you from beginning-to-end!

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